The only bra that remove the cleavage wrinkles

The anti-wrinkle bra “Nightbra” is the only bra able to prevent and remove the cleavage wrinkles while we sleep.

A revolution inside the world of aesthetic medicine that comes by the hand of the doctor Elisa Fernandez, medical specialist in gynecology and pathological anatomy. Already in 1996 she developed the first anti-wrinkle bra prototype, with an exclusive design thoroughly thought.

Understand how is the functioning of the bra “Nightbra” is essential to bet on this product that, although it has a long career, remains a great innovation. That’s why today we want to dedicate a few lines with the main features of the only anti-wrinkle bra, which is scientifically proven.

Nightbra, the only bra which remove the cleavage wrinkles

One of the main features of the “Nightbra” is that it has not got cups. It adheres to the skin through the contour under the chest, leaving the armpit area free and carrying all the weight on the shoulders, something that works too as postural corrector of the back.

It has one strip in the intermammary area, which avoid that one breast has being folded to the other, leaving this part of the skin smooth and avoiding the appearance of wrinkles. Its design permit a natural shoulder displacement outward, keeping a correct posture on the back.

In addition to the absence of bra cups, can be highlighted other features of the “Nightbra”. The first thing of all, as we said, is the design by the Doctor Elisa Fernandez, so all seams are thought for fulfill a certain function and do not leave marks on our skin. On the other hand is essential to have a high quality fabric which have not got folds that mark our skin. For this we have the best fabrics for its manufacture.

After 24 years of the first prototype, we keep working to improve the results and giving you a better service. Do not doubt to follow us in our social networks for keeping up with all our news. And if you want more information about the only bra that prevent and remove the cleavage wrinkles, visit our website.

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