How Nightbra helps in your postural hygiene

Inevitably, our body is affected by the daily hustle and bustle. No matter what we dedicate ourselves or where we live… Nowadays is much more usual than we imagine, suffer pains in the extremities or, particularly, in the back. Our daily habits are decisive, but also our posture, the way we carry weight, how we sleep, how we sit, and a long etc. Definitely is basic have a good postural hygiene that makes us feel better.

The postural hygiene are those guidelines that must be followed to avoid physical complaints in the back, protecting the spinal column in all cases, either when we are still or in movement. In Nightbra we know how important is this to have a good quality of life, and for this our Nightbra wrinkle bra improve your postural hygiene. But how?

The wrinkle bra Nightbra effect in your postural hygiene

The  Nightbra’s bra is designed by the Doctor Elisa Fernadez, who has explained us that the design is thought so that each seam has a mission with our body. Not only prevents and removes the cleavage wrinkles but also release the tension of our back causing us to always have a correct posture, if we are lying down, sitting or doing even sport.

Its design is intended to distribute the tensions venting them in the previous seams under the breasts, in this way the back is upright and relaxed. The lack of bra cups ensure that this posture is constant, something that does not just favour the position of the breast, also the position of all torso.

It is essential to bet on postural hygiene for have a better quality of life thinking in the present and in the future. So do not wait any longer, let us help you with the Nightbra antiwrinkle bra and improve from the first minute.

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