Nightbra, your greatest ally during the quarantine

Actually we are living an unprecedented situation worldwide. The virus Covid-19 has transformed, in a short space of time, the society as we knew it. In Spain we are in quarantine and at the moment we must remain confined in home to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

In Nightbra we are conscious about the importance of paying attention to the authorities and follow the directions very precisely. At the end, if we apply ourselves a lot, the process will end before and we will can recover our normal life.

The quarantine is not easy for many, stay at home can get really tedious, but if he have something clear, is that our Nightbra anti-wrinkle bra will be your greatest ally in this stage (and always)

In quarantine but taking care of your breast. Nightbra improve your quality of life while you stay at home

All the recommendations are aimed at keeping us active during the quarantine, not only physically, but also mentally. Work out at home, make use of the time to read some outstanding books, watch movies, series, or if we have the opportunity, work from home.

What if we do all the tasks while removing and preventing cleavage wrinkles without also having an uncomfortable bra with underwires and cups. As you know, the Nightbra anti-wrinkle, thanks to its design, prevent and remove the cleavage wrinkles, whatever we are doing.

But also, Nightbra work as a corrector postural, what is ideal to wear it in these long periods of time what we will be at home. When you do your work out, read a book or simply when you stay seated, we will make sure to do it in a correct posture, releasing back tension.

You can make your order normally in our online store, you just have to follow the steps indicated on your favourite model and we will send it to your address.

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