Nightbra: Action against wrinkles in the pectoral area What Causes Wrinkles? avoid it
Nightbra: to prevent the appearance of wrinkles in the supramammary pectoral zone.

What Causes Wrinkles?

Explanatory video of its anti-wrinkle action

If we observe a woman in a decubitus lateral position, we see that the upper breast shifts over the lower breast.. This action supposes a continuos pressure on the skin and underlying tissues, causing wrinkles in this area.
When sleeping in a lateral position, it is common for folds and wrinkles to appear. If this position is maintained for 8 hours, these wrinkles can became noticeable and permanent. There is currently no effective surgical treatment to solve this problem.
To solve this displacement we have designed NightBra: the only one Anti-wrinkle Bra.

How does NightBra work?


Dr. Elisa Fernández Fernández, a medical specialist with 30 years of experience in Gynaecology and Pathological Anatomy, has developed an anti-wrinkle bra whose special design prevents the displacement of the breast.


Nightbra has no cups, with a front part that closely adheres to the skin at the intermammary zone. It follows the inner contour of the breasts, without putting pressure on them, while drawing up to the shoulder, allowing free movement of the arms during sleep.

It is design of a special material that does not create folds, without the overlapping edges of conventional bras. Thus, the bra is able to prevent the formation of wrinkles.

Front and Back Design

The front part closely adheres to the skin of the inter mammary zone (2), following the inner contour of the breasts (4), without pressuring them, and pulling up to the shoulder (3).

It is going to be precisely the shoulder the authentic “support” of the area.

The straps have been designed to maintain this position in spite of the arm movement during sleep (1).

The upper junction between the front and the back parts has been placed over the internal third of the collar bone, a hollow spot which prevents pressure on the skin (7).

The back component covers the dorsal area, the part that is daily affected by poor posture positioning and the weight of the breast.

The lateral arches are placed inside from the internal edge of the shoulder blade in order to avoid shifting and also to help cover and relax the back area commonly affected by contractures and arthrosis (6).

The lower junction between the anterior and posterior elements of the bra is stablished close down to the breast (5), the area that maintains lower pressure at night.

The Fabric


Once done with anatomical study, we though about the kind of material to be used. We have chosen one that does not fold. The issue of shifting, made us use a border that holds the bra in shape, as a second skin, keeping the tension distributed throughout.

Finally, we have avoided that any border that affects areas of a normal ”day” bra, thus eliminating the pressure in those spots.



- to prevent the appearance of cleavage wrinkles.

NIGHTBRA FOR THE DAY (see "For Back Pain")

- for any back ailment
- for postpartum
- after a breast augmentation or reduction.

Thus, we can present the Nightbra:
an anti-wrinkle bra capable of preventing and reducing these wrinkles.

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