MÉNDEZ CHAÍN, S.L is committed to conducting its activities for the continuous improvement of its processes, facilities and services, paying special attention to:

• Make quality a basic element in the business culture of MÉNDEZ CHAÍN, S.L, involving each and every aspect of the organisation.

• Ensure all personnel are committed to and identify with the company’s quality policy.

• Plan and create quality systems. This planning and systematisation is based on objective criteria which are measurable and quantifiable and are coherent with the quality policy of the company.

• The company has established strict quality controls in the manufacture of these medical-aesthetic items. Poor quality or substandard work causes unnecessary extra costs to MÉNDEZ CHAÍN, S.L.

• The continuous training of company personnel is a key element in ensuring the quality of the product and continuous improvement. The company is dedicated to this policy and all employees of MÉNDEZ CHAÍN, S.L must regard training as a means of professional development.

• Speedy service and exhaustive quality controls are the keys to complete client satisfaction, meeting all legal requirements, client demands and the standards of all other organisations to which the company belongs.

All MÉNDEZ CHAÍN, S.L employees are made aware of the Quality Policy through the company notice board. It is the responsibility of company management to ensure employee awareness and complete understanding of the contents of the same.

The Quality Policy is made available to the public and displayed in the reception area of the company headquarters and the Quality Department can provide a copy of the same to all interested parties upon request.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife, October 1, 2008.
Department leadership of MÉNDEZ CHAÍN, S.L.

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