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MÉNDEZ CHAÍN, S.L commits itself to the development of a long-lasting society and a compromise to the surrounding in which it interacts, as well as driving its activities adequately so they contribute positively to the improvement of its processes, installations and services. For that we will establish the following compromises:

• To carry out the legislation in use of environmental material and of working health and security in a way so they integrate in the global work in all the aspects of labor, social, ethics and environmental.

• Achieve a high qualification and environmental awareness from our personnel.

• Guarantee the formation and participation of the personnel in the aspects of health and security thus avoiding any damage and deterioration of health they could suffer.

• Facilitate the conciliation of family and working life, the respect and fundamental rights of the workers, as well as the transperancy in the relations with our clients.


Some of the developed objectives in our environmental compromise are:

• Incorporation in our installations of saving systems of electricity and improvement in consumption, thanks to a working eco-efficient model.

• Decrease in the production of garbage by reusing defective product, paper, carton and plastic.

Share our preoccupation and compromises of the company with the staff with plans specific to awareness, communication and modification of ways of acting.


• We use ecological fabrics: our cotton is organic (cotton completely free of pesticides, chemical agents and bleach) and we support ecological agriculture.

• We make bras without PVC. In the fabrication of the bra we don’t use materials derived from non biodegradable petroleum (free from PVC’s).

Animal Treatment Policy

• MÉNDEZ CHAÍN, S.L does not use animal skins in the confection of its Nightbra lingerie.

All policies are broadcasted to all employees of MÉNDEZ CHAÍN, S.L on notice boards. It is the responsibility of the Directors of the company to make sure that the broadcasting of this information is clear and understood in its content.

The Policy is at the public’s disposal, thus it is exposed in the company’s reception area and it is sent by the Responsible of Quality to the interested external party who is soliciting it.

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