The Nightbra Firming Cream is a product that provides the skin tightness, tautness and hydration, giving it a younger look, turgor and elasticity. It nourishes and strengthens the tissue of the female bust, giving it flexibility, elasticity and tightness.

Its composition acts directly on the breast fibres, making them stronger and tighter.


The Nightbra breast firming cream acts on the origin of the flabbiness. The firming active ingredients are tensing and invigorating ingredients that act together so as to get the breasts to recover their tightness and strength thanks to its triple action: it shapes, strengthens and redensifies the bust.

This triple action shapes, strengthens and redensifies the breasts. The ingredients of this product act on the regeneration of cells inside the breast, allowing them to recover their tautness and firmness.

This cream is extremely hydrating and nourishing. Thanks to its high content in argan, it reduces the number of stretch marks and prevents them from appearing. Another of its components, the centella asiatica, gives the skin back its healthy looks. They are both powerful skin regenerators, since they contain many active ingredients that actively take part in the blood flow and in the natural production of collagen in the skin.

The Nightbra Firming Cream also contains ginseng and hop, which delays skin ageing. Ginseng gives it a young and smooth aspect; also, it regenerates the cells. Hop, on the other hand, tones the skin.

It’s ideal for women who have lost a lot of weight or for those who have just stopped breastfeeding.


The Nightbra Firming Cream for breasts must be applied everyday by massaging the skin, which also reactivates natural collagen and elastin; these two proteins are essential to preserve skin young.

So as to get the best result, it must be applied twice a day (in the morning and at night) after the shower or the bath as a two-month intensive treatment; if you want a maintenance treatment, apply it once a day. You must apply it on 3 – 5 pressure spots in the bust area.

The best way to distribute it is by rubbing it on the palm of your hand, starting on your left shoulder and going back to the area between your two breasts; then around your right breast and drawing an eight so as to reach the lower part of your other breast. Afterwards, start going upwards over the area between both breasts up to your right shoulder. Repeat the same process with your left hand starting on your right shoulder.
This product is recommended for breast skin that has lost elasticity and looks flabby and dry. It also protects the skin from early ageing and revitalizes it. It can be used on any type of skin.
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