In this section, Dr. Elisa Fernandez answers frequent, general questions on bras from our clients.

Do we need to wear a bra?

Statistic show that 7/10 women do not know their real bra size and, due to this, they use models that do not adapt to their breasts. But do we really need to use a bra? What if we decide not to?
As regards physical health, using a bra is not indispensable and does not bring any positive results; but it does when talking of mind-image health, since human beings are characterized by walking on our feet and wearing clothes, as the gynaecologist Elisa Fernández tells us.
Women walk on our feet and, due to that, breasts tend to go down proportionally to their weight.
Fallen breasts can cause complexes and low self-esteem. That is when the bra gets relevant, particularly when choosing the right size: “Most women don’t wear the right bra during the day, normally because they care more about the contour of the torso rather than the cups, but actually both things must be considered”, states Dr. Fernández; who also speaks about the eventual danger represented by underwired bras: “they are not dangerous if we choose the right cup and the wire is totally adapted to the thorax on the outer part of the breasts. If that is not so, the breasts will suffer continuous micro-injuries and, even though the danger has not been proved, we should prevent it”.

How large should the straps be?

Dr. Fernández does not hesitate about this one: “the bigger the breasts, the larger the straps!”

How can I get the right size for me in a usual bra?

Ordinary bras have double numbering or code made of a number and a letter.
We usually simplify things by saying that we use a 90 or 95 size. In order to get our perfect bra, we will also need to know the measure of the cup, that is, the volume of the breasts, represented with the letters A, B, C, D, E and F. Hence, our size will be 90A, 90B, 90C…
In order to know our size, we will have to take two measures with a non-elastic measuring tape directly on the skin.
BRA SIZE: In order to measure this, we will have to stand with keeping our backs straight, looking at the front and measuring the length of the torso right below the breasts. We’ll add 15 to the measure we had and the result will be our bra size. For example, if the contour below our breasts is 75 cm; 75 + 15 = Size 90. CUP: Subsequently, we must measure the length of our torso including the breasts on their most prominent part. This will tell us the volume of our breasts. Then, from this measurement we deduct the first figure of the length below the breasts WITHOUT the 15 cm added; the result will be the cup. For example: if we had measured 90 cm, we deduct the previous 75 cm; hence, 90 – 75 = 15, which is equivalent to a B size, as we see on the following chart:
These rules are NOT applicable to customized bras as Nightbra. The sizes of ordinary bras do not match those of the Nightbras. In Nightbras, straps are fixed and you’re your height must be indicated, so a bra with the right strap length is produced. Nightbra does not follow a valid standard pattern for any woman, but designs exclusively for you with the information you have provided.
If you click on the Shopping Guide (left upper corner of the site), you can see how to measure your size.
International equivalents among ordinary bra sizes:

International conversions among cups of ordinary bras

Please remember that conversions are for guiding purposes.
As we have previously mentioned, these conversions ARE NOT applicable to Nightbra bras.

Calculating your Nightbra size

As we have already mentioned, due to its particularities, Nightbra uses a unique sizing system with no equivalent in ordinary bras. Each Nightbra bra is exclusively created for you, for the contour of your thorax and for your height.

In order to calculate your Nightbra size, we need to know the contour of your thorax and your height.

The contour is the PERIMETER measured right below the breasts. Measure it and search the CONTOUR in the chart in order to get your SIZE.

The strap of the bra cannot be adjusted, so you need to indicate your HEIGHT in order to get the right bra. That is, when you choose a model, you must indicate your contour and height.
[Standard chart for a 40-year-old woman, 160 cm tall, weighing 52 kg].

You can see how to measure your size by clicking on the Shopping Guide (upper part of the site).

Then, what’s your ideal bra?

Dr. Elisa Fernandez says: “I don’t think there is an ideal bra. Each woman has a different physical makeup and each woman’s left breast is different than that on the right (sometimes the difference is bigger than one size). Actually, the ideal bra should be tailored individually”.

Types of bra: one for each need

Not only does each type of bust need the right bra, but also one woman might need different models depending on what she is going to do. You don’t use the same bra for dancing and for doing sport; or during breastfeeding and when getting dressed to have dinner out.

Antiwrinkle bra
Nightbra is a sleeping bra which prevents the skin in the chest area from folding. Its design, with no cups, adheres its front to the skin on the contour of your breasts without pressuring them and letting your arms move freely.

Push-Up Comfort bra
It is an underwired push-up bra with cups and pads highlighting the bust. The back is made of flexible mousseline to get a maximum comfort.

Versatile bra
This underwired model with foam centres and lifts your breasts, so it highlights their volume. It has three different strap positions: to the neck, regular and crossed. It’s perfect for daring necklines and to keep your back uncovered.

Ecological bra
This padded, triangle-shaped bra is perfect for small breasts. Half of the strap is made of ecological cotton and mostly filled with soy oil. Also, it is covered with ecological cotton so as to guarantee that it is soft and caring with your skin.

Large size bra
Underwired, embroidered, balconette bra for large sizes. It has a hook-and-eye closure and adjustable straps.

Strapless bra
Strapless, underwired bra with pre-shaped cups. Uncovered shoulders, light filling and strengthening side stays with removable straps.

Breastfeeding bra
Modern breastfeeding bra made in pre-formed cotton with lace trim on the strap; whereas the cleavage is made of more comfortable plain cotton.

Sport bra
Top-like bra for intense physical activities. Soft, antimoisture, antibacterial tissue. It is not underwired, has no foam and the cups have no seams. Anatomical straps and back part. No closure.

Back-correcting bra
Nightbra is currently the only posture-correcting bra, which is useful for girls, teenagers and adult women, since it has no effect in the volume of the breasts and it stops and corrects thoracic kyphosis.

A bra against cleavage wrinkles?

Nightbra is a sleeping bra designed by Dr. Elisa Fernández, specialist in gynaecology and pathological anatomy. It prevents your cleavage from wrinkling and removes the existing wrinkles.

It’s a cupless bra which adheres closely to the skin of the area between the breasts, following the internal shape of the breasts, without making pressure and transferring the strength towards the shoulders.

It can be used at any age and at any life stage.

It is meant to prevent skin from wrinkling and to remove the existing wrinkles in the upper breast area; at the same time, it works as a posture corrector.

Its efficacy has been clinically proven on thousands of clients who use it since 1998.

Why can’t an antiwrinkle bra have cups?

Nightbra is a cupless bra which removes wrinkles in the cleavage and prevents skin from wrinkling.

It has no cups because we should never sleep wearing an ordinary bra or a bra with cups since it makes lymph drainage more difficult and fosters cellulitis in the axillar area.

Hence, since we wear an ordinary bra for twelve hours and it pressures the breasts and their tails (their ending in the armpit), we should enable the lymph drainage of the breasts at night towards the armpit thanks to a cupless bra; also, as regards the improvement of our image, we’ll stop cellulitis in the armpit area. Furthermore, we will remove the wrinkles of our cleavages.

Nightbra also helps you keep your back straight: shoulders will act as a bra and you will train your pectoralis muscles, the breasts’ real support. In this way, the continuous use of the Nightbra helps breasts find their position.

The use of bras with cups while sleeping pressures the lymph system

The lymph is a liquid running through the lymph system in parallel with the artery and vein systems (it contains the lymph nodes). Continuously pressuring the lymph area is not convenient.

From a medical-aesthetical point of view, the pressure on certain areas of the body and the lack of sport makes cellulitis accumulate in the tails of the breasts and even below them, since these areas are not exercised in our daily lives.

Breasts have no muscles but they are anatomically placed over the (major and minor) pectoralis muscles and, since Nightbra corrects the posture of the back, we keep the pectoralis muscles under tension in such a way the we keep our busts firmer and going against gravity without even noticing.

Due to all this, we recommend you not to sleep with an ordinary bra (particularly with an underwired bra). At night, breasts must be free, since they need to rest from the pressure of the bra during the day so that the lymph system does its job. So do not put cups on your breasts at night.


If you have any doubt, you may contact us through any of our communication channels for enquiries. We will be delighted to help you.


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