MÉNDEZ CHAÍN, S.L engages in the development of a sustainable society and in a commitment with the environment around it, as well as to properly conduct activities which positively influence the continuous improvement of its processes, installations and services. For that, we establish the following commitments:
• Complying with the legislation in force in environmental, health and work safety matters so the global management integrates all work, social, ethical and environmental aspects.
• Achieving a high environmental qualification and awareness of our staff.
• Guaranteeing the training, information and participation of the staff in health and safety issues, hence preventing damages and the health deterioration they might suffer.
• Enabling work-life balance, respect towards the basic rights of workers and transparency in the relationships with our clients.


Please find below some of the goals developed in our Environmental Commitment:
• Incorporating in our facilities power-saving and consumption-improving systems thanks to an eco-efficient management model.
• Reducing the production of waste, reusing defective garments, paper, cardboard and plastics.
• Sharing our concerns and company commitments with the staff through specific awareness, communication and habit-change plans.


• We incorporate ecological tissues: our cotton is organic (100% free of pesticides, chemical agents and whitening products) and we support the ecological agriculture.
• We manufacture PVC-free bras: when manufacturing a bra, we do not use any non-biodegradable petroleum derivatives.


MÉNDEZ CHAÍN, S.L. does not use fur from animals when tailoring Nightbra’s lingerie.
The whole policy is provided to the staff of MÉNDEZ CHAÍN, S.L. by means of bulletin boards.
The whole policy is provided to all MÉNDEZ CHAÍN, S.L employees by means of bulletin boards. The management of the company is responsible for ensuring the full distribution of this information and for making everyone in the company understand it.

The policy can be checked by anyone, since it is visible at the reception of the company and it is sent by the Head of the Quality Department to the interested external party requesting it.
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