Your information is encrypted in the secure server, remaining anonymous and completely private. The communication that is established between your computer and a secure server is done by codes that only they understand, blocking the information from other "eyes" and protecting your data.To verify that you are entering our secure server, check that:

- the web site address begins with https://www.....

- the lock on your screen appears as closed (in any corner).

- our security certificate is visible of the page.

If you want to protect your privacy, you should NEVER buy in stores that do not offer you this mechanism of guarantee: a certificate of security about the secure servers.
If you want to protect your privacy, you should NEVER buy in stores without a recognized security certificate


When you make a purchase in the Nightbra SHOP you are using a secure server, preventing any improper or illicit use of your information. A secure server is currently the only means which offers complete confidentiality in Internet, ensuring reliable online connections between the business and the client.

Nightbra uses a certificate of security issued by THAWTE, one of the biggest companies certified in internet security.

To test our certificate, CLICK on the image that is found on top of the VERIFICATION POINT on top. This symbol will accompany you during the entire buy in the inferior corner of the navigator to confirm the security.


Consult us as often as you wish. You can contact us through the Contact Area or call by telephone. You can also visit our F.A.Q. (frecuency answer questions) area.
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