• Anti-wrinkle neckline bra that, in addition to taking care of yourself like everyone else, will provide extra hydration to the neckline due to its fabric that incorporates Aloe Vera microfibers. Your neckline will look like never before!
    • Its softness and elasticity will make you never want to take it off. It fits like a glove!
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    • Anti-wrinkle neckline bra that, in addition to taking care of yourself like everyone else, will provide extra hydration to the neckline due to its fabric that incorporates Aloe Vera microfibers. Your neckline will look like never before!
    • Its softness and elasticity will make you never want to take it off. It fits like a glove!


    • Aloe Vera Nightbra
    Pink Antiwrinkle bra which, besides from preventing cleavage from wrinkling and relaxing your back (as all models of the Nightbra collection), hydrates your skin while you use it thanks to its Aloe Vera microcapsules. This bra has been woven with threads containing thousands of Aloe Vera microcapsules, the active ingredient that will help you improve the look of your skin. These capsules are porous and release their content while you use the garment.
    As all Nightbra models, it has no cups and it adheres its front part to the skin through the contour of the breasts and without pressure and transfers the tension towards the shoulders while it allows your arms to move freely while sleeping, achieving a design that prevents your cleavage from wrinkling and removes the existing wrinkles.

    The Aloe Vera effect
    Clinical studies show a 14% increase in skin hydration after 8 hours of use of the garment manufactured with Aloe Vera microcapsuling technology, and a 27% increase after 7 days using it continuously.

    Permanent effect
    The Aloe Vera is permanent due to the special manufacturing process of the threads, which gives it permanent effects.
    The Aloe Vera effect is not superficial; it is incorporated during the threading of the fibre and it does not reduce its efficacy as time goes by. The benefits of this system last in a controlled way during the lifespan of the garment.

    It is indicated for all ages and we recommend you to use it since the moment your cleavage starts to wrinkle.

    All Nightbra models help you relax your back, improve your posture hygiene and prevent pains in the lower back.


    Only hand washing recommended
    Do not iron
    Do not dry clean
    Do not wash with bleach
    Was only with cold water

    In addition to carrying out this care, also keep the following tips in mind:


    • Softener. We should never use fabric softener in your wash.

    • Soaking. If we leave it to soak with soap or fabric softener, it will penetrate the fibers of the fabric, causing it to lose consistency and, therefore, it would lengthen quickly, thus losing its effectiveness.

    • Clear out. We must be careful to make sure we remove all the soap well when we wash it.

    • Hot water. We must always wash it with cold water so that the elastic fibers do not melt.

    • Dryer. For this same reason we should not use a dryer.

    • Stretch it out. We should not leave the Nightbra on the back of a chair or any other place to stretch it, as this would break the fibers.

    • Cut off. We should never make a cut, no matter how small it may seem, as it would lose its effectiveness.

    • Modify. We should not take the bra to be "fixed". Modifying its pattern will make it stop working as we expect.



    25%EA 75%PA AloeVera Novarel


    To choose your Nightbra size, you must know the contour below your breasts.
    The contour is the PERIMETRE measured below your breasts (see images). Measure it following our instructions.

    Once you know the CONTOUR in centimetres (cm), find your size in the chart below.

    If you have any doubts, ask for ADVICE by clicking in the corresponding link and send us your data; we will tell you your size.

    Please remember that the “ordinary” sizes are NOT applicable in customized bras like Nightbra. The size of an “ordinary” bra is not convertible to Nightbra sizes.
    Nightbra does not follow a valid standard for any woman, since it is exclusively designed for you with the data you provide us. For that reason, it is ESSENTIAL for you to measure your size through the steps we provide you.


    THE TISSUENightbra is a new product which has been manufactured with very comfortable tissues which are very tense and wear-resistant. It works perfectly: it removes your cleavage wrinkles and works as a posture corrector.

    For these reasons, you will need an adaptation period (3 or 4 days) so its texture, which “has memory”, gets used to you.


    When you receive the bra, read the indications you will find in the box.

    You must stretch the Nightbra in all directions with your own hands and you will see how flexible it is and how it “expands”.

    Once stretched, we recommend you to start using it as homewear (while watching TV, resting, etc.) for, at least, three hours a day.

    When you wear it, place the seams of the straps over your collarbones and drag your Nightbra downwards as you please so it fits well on the lower part of your breasts.

    We do not recommend you to sleep with the bro on the first 4 days so you get used to it. Do not worry about the first marks, since they are not pressure marks, which means they are not harmful for your skin and they disappear quickly.

    The bra has been exclusively designed for you with your measures and, after this short adaptation period, we can assure you that you will start feeling its benefits and you will not imagine your life without it. Also, it will allow you to show your cleavage off!


    When you buy a Nightbra product, you can be sure that:

    The product has been manufactured in Spain
    All Nightbra products have been manufactured in Spain.

    It has been clinically tested
    Nightbra creams are the result of years of research and they have been medically and clinically tested.

    Nightbra products have been exclusively manufactured as per your measures and with very comfortable, tense, wear-resistant tissues.
    In order to make it last and fulfil its mission (removing your cleavage wrinkles and working as a posture corrector), you must follow the steps presented in the ADAPTATION tab.

    Changes and returns
    Nightbra guarantees you the change or return of the price if you are not happy with it. See the section “Changes and Returns”


    This certificate assures you that this garment has been approved by NOVAREL ALOE® and complies with the Nurel S.A. certificate. Independent laboratories have shown the skin hydration increase while using this product as well as its guaranteed efficacy after 100 washes.


    When you buy your Nightbra bra you must choose properly your size. For that, you MUST know the contour below your breasts.

    Each bra is UNIQUE, has been designed exclusively for you and must get adapted to your shape. Please measure the contour below your breasts following the steps presented in the “YOUR SIZE” tab and determine your size as per the conversion chart you will see.

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