Dr. Elisa Fernandez graduates from the University of Santiago de Compostela in 1972 in Medicine and Surgery. In that year, she leaves her homeland, Galicia, to move to Tenerife, where she becomes a specialist in Obstetrics and Gynaecology in the Medicine Faculty in La Laguna and a specialist in Pathological Anatomy in the same Faculty. Between the years 1972 and 1980 she combined her career as a doctor with her career as a Professor in the University of La Laguna.


She worked as a doctor in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology of the University Hospital of the Canary Islands (HUC) where she mainly worked in endocrinology, female sterility and early diagnosis of cancer. In 1976 she was appointed Assistant Doctor in Clinical Cytology at the University Hospital of the Canary Islands and she opened her private practice of gynaecology, obstetrics and general cytology. In 2006 she was appointed Head of the Clinical Service of Cytology.

Given her interest in science and research, since 1975 she has elaborated over a hundred papers and reports in the fields of cytology and endocrinology.
She was the first female gynaecologist in the Canary Islands and the first woman in Spain to work in two specialization fields at the same time


In 1998 Dr. Elisa Fernández created with her children a Partnership called Mendez Chain S.L., to which the brand Nightbra belongs. This society mainly operates in the field of gynaecology, so it has worked with many women along these 40 years.

Given her dedication and her technical and anatomical knowledge and due to many of her patients being worried about their cleavage wrinkles, Dr. Elisa Fernández came up with the idea of finding a solution to remove cleavage wrinkles (for which there is no surgical treatment).
Nightbra was born from this combination of her job and her other big passion, which is tailoring. In 1996, the first prototype was designed but, before it started to be sold, the company needed to find the perfect union between design, tissue and production. After several years searching that union, Dr. Fernández succeeded in 2005 at creating her own factory and, hence, she managed to keep an exhaustive control over the whole production chain. That is how the company got the perfect bra for the removal of cleavage wrinkles: Nightbra.


The Nightbra was designed by following strictly anatomical guidelines, using for its elaboration top-quality tissues, threads and elastic material complying with all the indispensable keys to obtain an EFFICIENT product.

It was patented in 1998 in Europe and in the rest of the world by Dr. Elisa Fernández Fernández, a doctor specialized in Gynaecology and Pathological Anatomy. It was first presented at the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva in year 2000, where it got the bronze medal in the health branch.


In year 2000 it started to be sold exclusively in Tenerife so it could be closely followed-up. Given the good acceptance in the market, it was subsequently introduced in the peninsular market and it is currently in an international expansion phase.

Besides from the bronze medal in the health branch at the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva in year 2000, Méndez Chaín SL-Nightbra was finalist of the Entrepreneur Prize of the 21st century in 2008 and of the European Business Awards in 2009 as International Entrepreneur of the year. In 2013 it was the Special Mention of the 4th Canary Prize to Business Excellence.

The company Méndez Chaín S.L., fabricator of Nightbra, possesses the certification ISO 9001:2008 in Quality and the certificate UNE 166002:2006 in Project Management of R+D+I


Member n. º 3801065 of the Professional Association of Doctors in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Doctor María Elisa Fernández Fernández is a specialist in:
• Obstetrics and Gynaecology
• Pathological Anatomy

She is member of the following scientific societies:
• Member of the Canary Society of Gynaecology
•Permanent Member of the Spanish Society of Gynaecology
• Permanent Member of the Society of Senology and Mammary Pathology
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