MÉNDEZ CHAÍN, S.L commits to properly conduct its activities in such a way that they positively contribute the improve its processes, installations and services, paying special attention to:

• Making quality a basic element in the culture of MÉNDEZ CHAÍN, S.L, implying for that end each and every one of the components of the organization.
• Getting all the staff to identify themselves with the quality policy and to honestly commit with it.
• Planning and systematizing quality. This planning and systematization must be based on objective, quantifiable, measurable data which are coherent with the quality policy of the company.
• Preventing errors when manufacturing health-beauty corsetry garments is more important than correcting them. Quality work only prevents the unnecessary increase of the costs borne by MÉNDEZ CHAÍN, S.L.
• The continuous qualification of workers is a fundamental element to ensure the quality and guarantee continuous improvements. The Management commits to fostering and reinforcing these aspects, but every constituent of MÉNDEZ CHAÍN, S.L must see training as a way to improve professionally.
• Speed in servicing and an exhaustive quality control is key to reach the full satisfaction of our clients, complying with all legal requirements, customer demands and of any other nature subscribed by the organization.
The Quality Policy is provided to all the employees
The Quality Policy is provided to all the employees of MÉNDEZ CHAÍN, S.L by means of bulletin boards. The management is in charge of ensuring that the full information is disseminated and that it is understood.

The Quality Policy remains public so it is exposed in the reception area of the company and sent by the Head of the Quality Department to any third party requesting it.


• ISO 9001:2008 Certificate – Quality in Méndez Chaín, creator of Nightbra.
• UNE 166002:2006 Certificate – R&D+I Project Management de R&D+i of Méndez Chaín S.L., creator of Nightbra.
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